The Saver Choice Plus plan is frozen effective October XX, 2021 and no longer available. Customers already on Saver Choice Plus can remain on the plan as long as they like, but would not be able to return to it after switching to a different plan. (Note: For the lowest rates during on-peak hours, check out our Time-of-Use 3pm-8pm Weekdays with Demand plan.)

Should you stay on this plan?
If the plan has been working for you, you may want to stay on it. To see if another plan could save you more money, try our plan comparison tool. Log in to your account and view what you would have paid on different plans at aps.com/compare. Or if you want to view other plan options, see how they work and see if one may be a better fit for you, visit aps.com/plans.

Here’s how the Saver Choice Plus plan works:
On this plan, your monthly energy charge is based on the time of day and/or day of week it’s used, plus a monthly demand charge for your highest hour of usage during on-peak hours, 3pm–8pm weekdays.

  • This plan has different on-peak rates for summer months (May–Oct bills) and winter months (Nov–Apr bills).
  • Super off-peak hours provide the lowest off-peak energy rates during winter months (Nov–Apr bills), 10am–3pm weekdays.
  • This plan also has lower off-peak energy rates on weekends and holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Cesar Chavez Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If these holidays fall on a Saturday, the preceding Friday will be off-peak. If they fall on a Sunday, the following Monday will be off-peak. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are off-peak holidays as well but only when they fall on a weekday. (Weekends are always off-peak.)
  • A demand limiter feature automatically lowers the amount you are charged for demand when a rare, unusual spike in your use occurs during on-peak hours, 3pm-8pm weekdays.

  • Summer Rates

    Saver Choice Plus summer rates infographic
  • Winter Rates

    Saver Choice Plus winter rates infographic

Ways you could save money on this rate plan:
You can save money on this plan by shifting more of your energy use to lower-cost off-peak hours and staggering the use of major appliances like the washer & dryer, dishwasher and oven during higher-cost on-peak hours, between 3pm–8pm weekdays. Avoid using some major appliances during higher-cost on-peak hours and if you do use some of these appliances during on-peak hours, try not to run them at the same time.

  • Run your dishwasher after you are done using your oven.
  • Wait until after dinner to do the laundry.
  • During summer, pre-cool your home during lower-cost off-peak hours.

For additional cost-saving tips and tools, visit aps.com/save.


  • TOU 3pm-8pm Weekdays with Demand plan do's infographic
  • TOU 3pm-8pm Weekdays with Demand plan don'ts infographic

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