Green Choice Program

For residents and businesses that want to combine sustainability with affordability, our Green Choice Program lets you select a portion of your power that comes from renewable energy sources.
APS Green Choice Program


You choose the number of

100 kWh blocks

You choose the percentage of your

usage you would like to purchase

Cost (in addition to your normal monthly charges)


plus tax

10% - $0.0010/kWh
35% - $0.0036/kWh
50% - $0.0051/kWh
100% - $0.0102/kWh
plus tax

Example of monthly premium

5 blocks

X $1.02

= $5.10 premium (plus tax)

35% of 2,000 kWh usage

2000kWh X $0.0036

= $7.20 premium (plus tax)

Monthly premium type



Minimum membership term

One year

One year


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