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When you’re running a business, you always want to be on top of things. Subscribing to our outage, usage and payment alerts via email or text will keep you in the loop so your business can stay one step ahead.
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Don’t be left in the dark about outages

While we are among the industry leaders in reliability, outages occasionally occur and can impact your business. If they do, we can send you updates when service is expected to be restored and confirm when your power is back on. So your business can get back up and running as soon as possible.
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Make sure your monthly usage is on track

Just like when you set a budget, you can set an energy usage threshold for your business. Determine what you think is a reasonable amount of energy (kWh) you’ll use, or the demand (kW) you'd prefer to not exceed, and we’ll alert you when you reach it. You can make adjustments to keep your bill in check and help avoid surprises.
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Set an alarm so you can pay your bill like clockwork

It’s easy for bills to sometimes get lost in the shuffle of day-to-day business. When you sign up for alerts, we’ll send you advance notice three days before your bill is due to help you remember to pay it right on time.
Subscribe to alerts
In order to sign up for alerts, you need to register on aps.com. Alerts are only available to users with certain permissions for security reasons. If you do not have appropriate permissions to enroll in alerts, you can still view and access details regarding outages through our Outage Center.
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